EnergySmart - eBuilt™ Homes: Energy-Saving Living

EnergySmart - eBuilt™ Homes: Energy-Saving Living image

EnergySmart - eBuilt™ Homes: Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Living with 25 Enhanced Features for Significant Energy Savings - A Greener Future!

eBuilt™ homes are designed with 25 energy-saving enhancements. These include upgraded insulation with limited compression in wall cavities, a Rheem® hybrid heat pump water heater, and a high-efficiency HVAC electric heat pump or gas furnace by Carrier. The homes are equipped with an ecobee® smart thermostat, and space is available in the panel box for solar equipment. They feature one-inch electrical conduit for solar wiring, energy-efficient Argon gas low-e windows, and insulated exterior doors.

Inside, the homes are equipped with ENERGY STAR® rated dishwasher and refrigerator (if ordered), a whole-house ventilation fan, and 100% LED bulbs/fixtures. All HVAC register openings are sealed to the floor decking, and air sealing is done for all plumbing and electrical penetrations through the floor and ceiling, as well as joints and seams between exterior floors, walls, and the roof system.

To further ensure energy efficiency, the bottom board is air-sealed to the floor perimeter rail, and recessed lighting and smoke detectors are sealed to the ceiling board. Windows are also air-sealed to the exterior sheathing, and flashing is installed around windows and exterior doors. Recessed lighting fixtures are IC AT-rated for safety.

The homes feature higher roof truss heel height and attic baffles to optimize ventilation. To prevent water leaks, a self-adhering bituminous membrane is installed at eaves, valleys, and roof penetrations, along with kick-out flashing. Additionally, a dehumidifier drain is included for added convenience.

Overall, these energy-saving enhancements make eBuilt™ homes more sustainable and cost-effective, reducing energy consumption and promoting environmental responsibility.

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